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The Lydion DEOS Engine

The Lydion® DEOS Engine, also called the Lydion Data Economics Operating System (Lydion DEOS), is a middleware software engine used to develop distributed (or decentralized) applications and application platforms. Applications and application platforms built on Lydion capture energy spent in completing real-world work—via the digital data that signifies outcomes of task completion—as the foundation to create valuable and useful digital Lydion Data Assets stored in Lydion Vaults and transacted across DENETs—Data Economic Networks.

DECO’s scientific pipeline builds on its foundational research on data economics, workchains, and the transactional proof of work concept.

Further Education on Data Economic Science

Further Education on Data Economic Science

How can the data that people and organizations generate every day create further value? Can that data, generated from different sources, for different reasons, and “owned” by different people and companies, be used in the same way that physical currency has in the past? These questions are at the heart of Data Economics.

In the Introduction to Data Economics series, we lay out the basics of Data Economic science and discuss the exciting applications enabled by this new field of study.

Lydion Applications & Application Platforms

Our middleware partners across a number of sectors—Health Sciences, Agriculture, Climate and Sustainability, Finance, Education, and Core Industrials—are using the Lydion Engine to develop and implement decentralized applications to conduct critical business functions in newly efficient and cost-effective ways.

Health Outcomes Platform & Outcomes-Based Contracting/Value-Based Contracting Platform

Health Sciences Solutions enable the health care and life sciences ecosystem to realize the value of digital data in delivering improved outcomes for patients. Data Economics has transformational potential to solve long-intractable problems in health data and health economics, from paying for outcomes to verifying health interactions and making clinical evidence easier to analyze.

Smallholder Data Services: Agriculture Traceability and Regenerative Self-Certification Platform

Today’s farmers are challenged to adopt more sustainable practices while adapting to eroding ecosystems. At the same time, they are called upon to increase global food security and also meet demands for discerning buyers who seek traceability and confidence in how products are farmed. Our approach to this sector provides the Data Economic infrastructure to enable sustainable supply chains and the connectivity to financing and knowledge resources that can drive positive impact for farmers, buyers, and ecosystems. Data Economics not only enables traceability and self-certification, but also can connect sustainable farming outcomes with trade deals and other financial incentives.

Metals Recycling and Traceability Platform

Competition and value in industrial markets are driven by companies’ position on the goods cost curve; data in manufacturing and industrials not only informs production, but also is a source of value in and of itself. Existing data solutions fail to offer a holistic view of the value chain. Data Economics opens possibilities for comprehensive mapping, management, and optimization across the chain while connecting to financial products that improve cash flows and risk management for producers and manufacturers.

Distributed Education Platform

The distributed virtual education platform built on the Lydion Engine is enabling students worldwide to engage with educational content and academic modules in a way that incentivizes their participation and drives learning and achievement in new and exciting ways. Through the power of Data Economics, learners are able to reward and encourage each other, collaborate with other learners and their instructors in a way that protects their privacy and data, and build provable digital data assets to demonstrate their learning achievements and new skills.

Data Economic Applications in the Real World

Lydion Publishing Platform

The Lydion Publishing Platform is a software suite comprising robust content management, design, indexing, audience engagement, and publication solutions. It enables publication managers and editorial producers to generate and propagate rich multimedia content to their audiences while interlinking this with tools to optimize engagement and lead to new content discovery.

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