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The Science of Data Economics

Data Economics is a science that combines elements of economics, mathematics, computer science, and data science to explore how data can hold or represent economic value, and how data can be used in transactions to exchange meaningful value among economic players. To learn more about the science of Data Economics, we invite you to read Introduction to Data Economics, our foundational textbook presented as a special edition in The Lydion Magazine where we explore these scientific fundamentals in more depth.

The Data Economics Company is dedicated to further development of Data Economics science along with our academic partners and community researchers and scientists worldwide. Our aim is to make this science as exciting, accessible, and applicable as possible, particularly given the positive implications for solving difficult problems that require collaborative efforts in sectors as diverse as health sciences, climate, agriculture, financial sustainability, education, and others.

<h2>Introduction to Data Economics</h2>

Introduction to Data Economics

Prologue: A Primer on Data Economics

A brief introduction to the science of Data Economics, the motivations behind the discipline, and the Lydion DEOS software engine that brings Data Economies to life through Lydion DENETs (Data Economics Networks). Also serves as a prologue to the Introduction to Data Economics series of papers.

Continue Exploring Intro to Data Economics

Continue Exploring Intro to Data Economics

The Introduction to Data Economics series of papers is designed to introduce the concepts driving the science of Data Economics and Lydion technology to readers of varying interests, expertise, and technical backgrounds. Our goal with this series is to get readers from all backgrounds as excited about the potential of the science of Data Economics as we are. We want to help readers imagine and actualize the impact that Data Economics (and principles behind the Lydion DEOS) can have in solving the problems they care about and creating new opportunities for their companies, communities, and families.

Introduction to Data Economic Science

The Lydion DEOS Engine and DECO’s related software products bring the science of data economics to life.

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DECO has a strong group of industry and academic collaborators working on the core Lydion DEOS Engine and its applications and we are always looking for new collaboration opportunities. Please drop us a note about any thoughts or ideas around the science of Data Economics, the Lydion DEOS technology, and its applications that you want to explore with DECO and we will be glad to start a conversation.