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Since 2018, the team at The Data Economics Company (DECO) team has developed the Lydion® DEOS Engine, which is middleware that powers applications that solve complex, large-scale problems requiring decentralized inputs and consensus and generate new revenue streams for people and companies.

The Lydion DEOS Engine uses patent-pending Workchain data structures invented by the DECO team to turn data itself into valuable digital assets—structured as NFTs (or non-fungible tokens)—that can be monetized, shared, and transacted without requiring an external economic token (such as Ether or Bitcoin).

With the Lydion® Engine, companies and people can build applications to convert any combination of datasets into valuable Data Assets that are stored in and managed through their Lydion Vaults—where users control who can use their Data Assets, under what conditions, for what purpose—and can receive credit each time their Data Assets are accessed over private (or public) DENET networks.

The Lydion Engine is optimized to solve 6 types of problems that occur in most major enterprise sectors using common solution and design patterns: 1) distributed databases, queries, and analytics, 2) distributed contract adjudication (smart contracts), 3) distributed supply-chain management and traceability, 4) distributed machine learning and deliberation, 5) data asset marketplaces, and 6) embedded finance and data asset-based financial derivatives.

DECO’s middleware partners are using the Lydion Engine to develop sector-specific applications (called “Lydion Solutions”) incorporating Data Vaults and DENETs to solve high-impact use cases that require decentralized inputs and consensus.

Lydion Engine-based applications have seen significant traction over the past 2 years, and are targeting a combined $350B addressable market across the Health Sciences, Agriculture, Climate, Industrials, Fintech, Personal Data, Gaming, and Education sectors. DECO is currently serving 80+ enterprise customers, including several Fortune 100 companies, and generating significant ARR with low churn.

Lydion Engine-based applications built by DECO’s middleware partners are a) enabling patient-data driven insights for pharma cos. while letting patients have full control over their data, b) reducing the cost of expensive oncology drugs based on clinical performance, c) enabling smallholder farmers in Haiti, Thailand, Mali, and other countries to double their income and reducing certification costs to manufacturers by 10x, d) tracking lead recycling compliance for battery manufacturers resulting in measurable reduction of lead pollution, e) managing dynamic climate and sustainability investment portfolios for Fortune 100 companies, and solving other high-impact enterprise use cases requiring decentralized inputs and consensus

DECO’s goal over 2022-24 is to rapidly grow its commercial lines of business around deployment of the Lydion DEOS through Lydion-based products built by its middleware partners and customers while also cultivating a significant R&D operation around Data Economics science and the value such innovation can unlock for the future.

This page and the rest of The Lydion contain a wealth of materials that are of interest to readers looking to learn more about investment opportunities in DECO and by extension in Lydion DEOS technology, the various lines of Lydion DEOS-based Platforms, and in the science of Data Economics overall.

A significant amount of the material around Lydion DEOS, Lydion DEOS-powered products, and fundamental Data Economics research have sensitive aspects as they relate to intellectual property in development with enterprise and academic partners. As a consequence some of the materials on this page require logging into a Lydion account, which can be requested here .

The Data Economics Company Investor Package

The DECO Investor Package provides a comprehensive overview of DECO’s work since its inception in 2018 and its plan to propagate the Lydion DEOS Engine and Lydion DEOS-based applications, Vaults and DENETs, its revenue and technology propagation model, and other topics of interest to readers who want to learn about investment opportunities in DECO.

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For a deeper scientific and technical perspective on the Lydion DEOS Engine and overall Science of Data Economics, visit the Introduction to Data Economics, which features scientific and technical papers, articles, specifications, and illustrations and is regularly updated with new research and supplementary content as it is published.