What if we could utilize data to make medicine more affordable without sacrificing scientific innovation? What if we could capture and use data that we already generate in the real world to open up new streams of revenue and financing? What if we truly had control over our data and who accesses it, and when?

At The Data Economics Company, we are a diverse team of technologists, entrepreneurs, creatives, and engineers on a mission to solve complex, large-scale problems like these, and we’re building the team that will bring those answers to life. If that sounds like an exciting challenge, maybe this mission is for you too. If you think so, drop us a line at jobs@lydion.com.

Here are some team members we are currently seeking. Don’t see a position that fits perfectly but still interested in joining? Send us a message anyway!

Science & Engineering

The Science and Engineering team develops the science of Data Economics and the Lydion® Engine that brings its applications to life.

Frontend Engineer

We’re looking for a Frontend Engineer that has experience with large-scale production projects that have heavy use of REACT or other JavaScript frameworks such as Angular and Vue. Deep knowledge of REACT is strongly preferred, as well as of the latest HTML / CSS standards.

Product Designer

We’re looking for a Product Designer that loves UX & UI design, is comfortable with visualizing complex and multidimensional relationships, can help establish a consistent UI language across our suite of products, and is excited about using their skills to drive understanding and empower customers to make high impact decisions.


The Solutions team creates and manages Lydion solution platforms and oversees their commercialization with our partners.

Health Data and Screening Product Lead

We’re seeking a product manager that is passionate about the capabilities of distributed technology solutions in safely and securely managing health or screening related data, with a strong understanding of the players and participants in this space.

Industrial Materials Traceability Product Lead

We’re looking for a product lead that has a deep understanding of the industrial materials value chain (especially metals like lead, cobalt, aluminum, etc), and is excited about the prospect of introducing solutions that address the number of challenges and inefficiencies found within it.


The Operations team coordinates and manages the work across the teams, as well as handling critical functions like Human Resources, Finance, and Legal.

Program Manager

We’re looking for an experienced program manager that can work with team members across time zones, is capable of breaking down multifaceted projects, overseeing tasks & assignments, handling day-to-day issues that may arise, all while managing both internal and external timelines.

Growth Manager / HR Lead

We’re seeking an experienced Human Resources professional that can help grow our organization in a well thought out manner, as well as aid in adopting practices and policies that create a thriving work environment which will enable our team members to grow both professionally and personally.

Publishing & Evangelism

The Publishing Team manages the creation and propagation of technical, academic, and marketing content about Data Economics as well our work and partnerships.

Managing Editor

We’re looking for someone to join our growing team who’s passionate about introducing new ideas to the public, who can help explain complex concepts in compelling ways, and can balance short and long term priorities while juggling the day to day issues that may arise.

Investor Relations Lead

We’re looking for an experienced communicator and strategic thinker that is capable of leading our investor relations strategy and activities, while balancing communications across several distinct channels between our leadership team and key investors.

Marketing Strategist

We’re looking for a marketing professional to join our team who’s excited about creating non-traditional marketing campaigns, and passionate about building brand awareness in new spaces and with new customer segments.

Scientific and Technical Publications Manager

We’re looking for a Scientific and Technical Publications Manager that would be responsible for managing DECO’s technical materials workstream. They will have to coordinate with individuals across the team to achieve the generation of patents, scientific and technical papers, abstracts, talks, book chapters, and technical documentation.