Los Angeles, December 14, 2019 - Blocklayer LLC and The Lydion Research Alliance released the first details of the 2nd version of the Lydion Data Economic Operating System (or DEOS), a software engine used as middleware to develop decentralized “Web3-style” applications.

The Lydion DEOS v0.1 has been rapidly adopted in the health care sector since its introduction in late 2018, with several pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies using the Lydion-powered Miraculum Health Contracting Platform to implement and adjudicate drug-pricing contracts without requiring the parties to share sensitive health data with each other.

With Lydion DEOS v0.2, DECO is expanding the scope and functionality of the engine to address high-impact use cases in the Climate, Agriculture, Industrials, Education, and Gaming spaces, along with significant fundamental upgrades to the core architecture of the Lydion that will make applications faster, much more memory and storage-efficient, and result in reduced sync times between Lydion Nodes by over 90% due to the proprietary Lydion v0.2 ICE stack built on IPFS (Internet Protocol File System), the default distributed storage protocol for Web3.

“The Lydion Research Alliance has grown by leaps and bounds over the past year and as a result, we have had the opportunity to explore and understand use cases that could be addressed by Web3-style applications that enforce decentralized consensus protocols across sectors such as Climate and AgTech, Metals Traceability, and even consumer-focused industries such as Gaming and Telecom,” said Arka Ray, Managing Director of Lydion Research. “While we are thrilled by the continued adoption of the Lydion DEOS v0.1-powered Miraculum Contracting Platform by top-flight pharma and biotech companies, we are looking forward to the several exciting use cases that Lydion v0.2’s enhanced features and functionality will bring, and to announcing the key partners who are developing Lydion-based products to turn these high-impact opportunities into reality.”

About Blocklayer:

Blocklayer LLC was formed in 2018 by the Lydion Research Alliance to develop and commercialize software platforms that enable distributed computing applications via the exchange of Lydion data assets across Data Economic Networks (or DENETs). Blocklayer’s flagship product, the Lydion Data Economic Operating System (Lydion DEOS) v0.1 is utilized globally by customers in the life sciences, banking, and cryptocurrency sectors.

About the Lydion Research Alliance:

The Lydion Research Alliance is a consortium of scientists, engineers, economists, technologists, artists, and futurists dedicated to the advancement of the scientific field of Data Economics and the commercialization of Data Economic technologies.

About the Lydion DEOS :

The Lydion® Data Economics Operating System is the Operating System for Web3.

The Lydion® DEOS is a middleware engine used to develop distributed,decentralized applications and application platforms. By capturing energy spent in completing real-world work, The Lydion® DEOS mints digital assets called Lydions that can be utilized, shared, and transacted using secure, private Lydion Data Vaults and Networks (DENETs).

Current Lydion Engine-based applications target a combined $350B addressable market across the Health Sciences, Agriculture, Climate, Industrials, Fintech, Personal Data, Gaming, and Education sectors.