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About DECO

The Data Economics Company’s (DECO) mission is to pioneer and propagate the field of Data Economics to build products enabling people and companies to generate new value from their digital data and address the “big problems” facing our communities, societies, and industries. This objective is multi-fold: leading theoretical science and research; developing the mathematical and economic; and building software frameworks and toolsets to power implementation. We have brought together economists, mathematicians, computer scientists, philosophers, and artists to explore how digital data could be used as building blocks for new types of economic interactions.

In these efforts, DECO has developed the Lydion® Engine, a middleware that powers applications to solve complex, large-scale problems and generate new revenue streams for people and companies—by converting their data into valuable digital assets that can be utilized, shared, and transacted using secure, private Lydion Data Vaults and Networks (DENETs). Current Lydion Engine-based applications target a combined $350B addressable market across the Health Sciences, Agriculture, Climate, Industrials, Fintech, Personal Data, Gaming, and Education sectors.

Watch DECO's Launch Presentation

Watch DECO’s Launch Presentation

The Data Economics Company (DECO) was formed to realize the potential impact that Data Economic science can have across all spheres of human activity and industry. In this event, which took place in late January, 2021, we introduced DECO to the world.

Introduction to Data Economic Science

DECO’s scientific pipeline builds on its foundational research on data economics, workchains, and the transactional proof of work concept.

The Lydion DEOS Engine and DECO’s related software products bring the science of data economics to life.

DECO is led by its co-founders whose backgrounds include Microsoft, Genentech, Roche, Deloitte, Disney, University of Oxford, LSE, and UC Berkeley.


The Lydion Magazine (sponsored by DECO) launched in 2021 to its audience of over 20,000 readers who are curious about how the combined power of distributed computing and digital assets are tackling the world’s “Big Problems.” With each edition of the Magazine, we seek to bring you stories from a variety of voices, technical and non-technical, with expertise in their fields and a knack for explaining complex topics to a broad audience.

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Drop us a note to learn more about partnership opportunities with DECO, the Lydion DEOS Engine and its applications, and how the Lydion DEOS Engine can help your company or academic institution.