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Rob Maigret

Editor-in-Chief & CEO, Popularium
About the Author

After graduating from Emerson College with a degree in Playwriting, I discovered that playwrights weren’t in high demand but people with a basic understanding of personal computers were. I picked up a job at a small film and television studio, as I assumed that there would be a point in time where technology and creativity would truly converge, and I wanted to be there.

Some years later I co-founded a company that did just that: DigiSynd was acquired by The Walt Disney Company in 2008 and I spent the next phase of my career there as a creative technology executive. I most recently oversaw the creation of a toy called The Sphero BB-8 that people apparently liked.

My latest passion is helping build Popularium. I also enjoy mentoring young companies and executives. I live in Los Angeles with my interior designer wife and I have a thing for cars.