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Sean Penrith, CEO Gordian Knot Strategies BSc. Elec. Eng.

Executive Advisory Board

Sean has traveled a deep trajectory of sustainability and climate change over the past two decades. He has built both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations around the globe that enabled him to develop his acumen for company building, sustainability, ESG, triple bottom line risk management, climate change, environmental policy, conservation finance, impact investing, and environmental markets. Sean is a seasoned international business development executive and is passionate about developing market mechanisms and market intelligence for mitigating climate change impacts and revealing value for triple bottom line strategies.

Sean previously held the positions of CEO of Climate Trust Capital and as Executive Director of The Climate Trust for five years. Gordian Knot Strategies is a strategic value-based consulting company focusing on climate finance, sustainability, carbon markets, and go-to-market expertise with national and international scope. Clients include leading corporations, endowments, family offices, NGOs, project developers, TIMOs, agencies, and philanthropies.

Sean presents frequently on topics that include conservation finance, climate smart agriculture, carbon mechanisms, policy, and markets, the future of sustainability, and climate change. His love is being on the water sailing Salacia with his wife Meredith and their two boys.