How will we pay for new high-cost medicines to treat diseases? Is there a way to better align incentives of biopharmaceutical manufacturers, health insurers, and health care delivery systems? “”Value Based”” or “”Outcome Based”” arrangements hold promise for aligning payments to results, but come with a host of implementation challenges ranging from pricing policy barriers to a need for high-quality data to define and measure the results, and the costs, of drugs delivered. A number of industry players are taking bold steps to test these models in the market and are learning firsthand what works, what needs improvement, and how data and outcomes can potentially power new models for drug reimbursement and pricing.

Session Host

Neil Minkoff, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Coeus Consulting Group

Dr. Minkoff serves as Chief Medical Officer of Coeus Consulting Group, a boutique life science market access firm. He founded FountainHead HealthCare in 2010 as a reaction to the ever growing complexity of the healthcare system and the need for independent thinkers who could provide some clarity in the chaos.

In 2012, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick appointed Dr. Minkoff as a Commissioner of the Massachusetts Group Insurance Commission, which provides oversight of health insurance for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

In addition to his other work, Neil B. Minkoff, MD was Chief Medical Officer from 2011-19 for a small company working on patient data where he helped develop the PRO Portal for capturing self-reported patient outcomes and clinical information to measure real-world experience, despite significant challenges. Further, Dr. Minkoff has been involved in work on 340B pricing and data and developing new drug delivery channels.

Session Participants

Ken Boyle, DC, MBA, FIAMA, Director HEOR, iRhythm

Ken Boyle is a Health Economics & Outcomes Research Program Director for iRhythm Technologies. Ken is a former healthcare provider that believes in leveraging technology and data to boldly and empathetically challenge the status quo, improving health outcomes and reducing the cost of care. This multi-talented industry leader has a uniquely diverse background, immense breadth of experience, and is the winner of multiple awards and accolades from several employers in the pharmaceutical and medical device space. Ken holds several advanced degrees including a Doctorate in Chiropractic and a Master’s in Business Administration. He is a Fellow of the International Association of Medical Acupuncture and is on track to complete a certificate in Health Economics and Outcomes Research from Washington University this June. Ken and his wife have three beautiful daughters and spend much of their leisure time being active at the beach or traveling the Florida coast in their RV.

All views and opinions expressed are his own and not those of his employer.

Jim Clement, Partner, Coeus

A former Aetna executive, Jim Clement most recently served as Executive Director, Value Based Care and Supply Chain Strategy where he focused largely on proving the value of pharmaceutical therapies. In that role, he was responsible for transforming the financing of the pharmacy benefit and leading Aetna’s enterprise relationships with pharmaceutical manufacturers. Jim maintained administrative oversight for pharmacy benefit strategy, actuarial services, network administration, client pricing, analytics, and vendor management in addition to innovative contracting models that help drive value-based care.

Deirdre Parsons, Senior Director, Public Policy & Government Relations at Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

Deirdre Parsons is the Senior Director of Global Public Policy & Government Relations at Alnylam Pharmaceuticals. She leads federal and state public policy and government relations efforts on behalf of Alnylam to ensure optimal patient access to therapies through advocacy for policies that promote science, innovation, and access. Prior to Alnylam, Deirdre held various roles in market access strategy, pricing, and policy at Amgen and Genentech, and she served as a drug pricing policy expert at Avalere Health, a health policy consulting firm. She was also a Christine Mirzayan Science & Technology Policy Fellow at the National Academies of Science.

Deirdre holds a Master of Public Policy and a Master of Public Health in Health Policy & Management from the University of California, Berkeley, a Master of Science in Molecular Genetics & Microbiology from Duke University, and a bachelor’s degree in genetics with a minor in linguistics from Dartmouth College.