An incredible amount of untapped potential exists in the data generated by homes and buildings. How upgrades—including those to make homes safer, more energy efficient, or more fire or earthquake resistant—are incentivized and financed could be revolutionized by enabling owners to monetize data generated by their properties. Long term, this value could be used to realize benefits for health, water quality, social justice, and more.

Session Host

Sirtaj Singh Brar, Director, The Data Economics Company

Sirtaj Singh Brar is a multidisciplinary talent with 15 years of experience, spanning the public sector, pharmaceutical, and financial industries, in helping enterprises solve real world problems through the use of technology solutions. This includes ensuring new software and technologies integrate well across business processes, functions, and the existing technology landscape.

In his current role as Director at DECO, Sirtaj leads product development for Lydion Solutions Platforms built on the Lydion Data Economic Operating System (DEOS), managing projects as they are incubated, developed, and deployed across verticals. He also focuses on continually contributing to the science of Data Economics through new research and application development.

Sirtaj has degrees in Physics and Mathematics from the University of California, Berkeley.

Session Participants

Jason Dispenza, CEO and Co-Founder, EnLedger and Chairman, Building Change

Jason Dispenza is an individual member of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) and is a Certified Energy Manager (C.E.M.). He is an accomplished CEO and has won numerous nationwide ENERGY STAR awards. He is an energetic researcher and frequent speaker / presenter on the crypto-and-economic convergences of fintech, energy, and housing.

Victoria Andre King-Kondos, Communications Manager, Building Change

After studying broadcasting in Los Angeles I had the opportunity to go to Greece. I worked as a writer and location producer for documentaries, features and broadcast programming. I travelled a lot in both urban and rural communities and worked with diverse populations. The relationship between humans and their built and natural environments is more pronounced in Europe. Distances are smaller and threats seem more immediate. GDPR was an eye opener. When I became a freelancer mobilizer for Elance which later merged with Odesk to form Upwork, the impact of data and how it is managed upon lives and livelihoods became more apparent. Everything we do is generating income for somebody, wouldn’t it be great if we could all become more conscious participants and shareholders in that process?

James Miletello, Strategy Consultant, Building Change

James provides tactical, creative, coaching, and strategic consulting to organizations and individuals wanting to effect social change. He is particularly adept at helping clients better understand their motivation and what obstacles they may be facing which impede that motivation (and subsequently) successful pursuit of their vision.