Dublin, Ireland, April 24, 2021 - Panther Protocol Co-Founder Anish Mohammed to talk about personal financial data

Anish Mohammed, Co-Founder and technology and architecture lead for Panther Protocol, will speak as part of an expert panel at The Data Economics Festival to discuss Exploring the Power of Personal Financial Data, joining Vinay Kuruvila, Head of Product Engineering at Venmo; Gary Fan, EVP and Chief Banking Officer at Gateway Bank; James Nicholls, Managing Director of Braithwate, Raonak Ahmad, General Partner of Skywalk Capital; and Sirtaj Singh Brar, Director at The Data Economics Company. The panel will address the growing opportunities and markets around personal financial data, including information verification systems and higher-resolution credit systems or ratings.

The panelists will answer: “What should we be concerned about when our personal financial data is being used by companies to make decisions or adjudicate transactions? How should we understand privacy, control, and value from the perspective of the data creators and producers?”

Anish Mohammed says: “Privacy is fundamental basis of democratic society, which in turn is assured by privacy in life in day to day activities including financial privacy.”

“Personal financial data is highly valuable, highly sensitive, and used in more ways–and by more organizations–than consumers may realize. This type of data holds great importance in adjudicating many decisions about our lives, such as creditworthiness, and consumers deserve to have better understanding, and potentially to hold greater control, on how their personal financial data is transmitted, what organization use it, and how they use it,” said Arka Ray, Managing Director of The Data Economics Company.

“The objective of The Data Economics Festival is to bring together people from across industries and sectors who might not typically have the opportunity to discuss these topics in a forum that facilitates conversation and addresses challenging, and interesting, topics head-on and in a way that moves the discourse forward,” said Jennifer Hinkel, MSc, Director of The Data Economics Company. “Society is approaching an inflection point in how we think about the value of data, particularly personal data, where that value accrues, and who benefits from it.”

This session will take place on Friday, April 23, at 10:30 am Pacific Standard Time.

The Data Economics Festival convenes thought leaders across multiple sectors–technology, life sciences, economics, finance, academia, and media–in a five-day virtual event to explore the intersection of digital data and economics. The Festival addresses how the confluence of digital data and economics is transforming the world around us and opening new avenues to solving the “big problems”. The Data Economics Festival is produced by The Data Economics Company (DECO). More information about The Data Economics Festival can be found at lydion.com/festival.

About The Data Economics Company and the Lydion Engine:

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