Los Angeles, April 11, 2021 - Members of the Lydion Research Alliance, along with cross-sector partners from finance, sustainability, gaming/esports, health care, and additional sectors have formalized The Data Economics Company (DECO) as a vehicle to bring the Lydion Engine, an operating system for Web3 and distributed computing applications, to a broad market.

“Since deploying the first health care applications using the Lydion Engine into pharmaceutical and biotech companies in 2018, interest in distributed applications powered by a lightweight, non-cryptocurrency-dependent platform has multiplied into additional sectors. Given the demand for the Lydion Engine and Lydion-based products across multiple markets, the Lydion Research Alliance constituents, along with a number of partner experts and advisors, have created The Data Economics Company to meet industry needs for solving complex problems with distributed computing and digital asset technologies,” said Jennifer Hinkel, MSc, co-founder of the Lydion Research Alliance.

“While cryptocurrencies are an interesting use case for distributed technologies, they are really just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what’s possible when people and organizations have the tool to turn their data into valuable, monetizable products that they control, own, market, and gain value from. That’s the promise of Web3, and DECO is committed to helping make this potential a reality by building the Lydion engine as the operating system for Web3,” said Arka Ray, co-founder of the Lydion Research Alliance.

The Data Economics Company will showcase its R&D pipeline as well as in-market technology and partnerships at The Data Economics Festival, a week-long virtual event of nearly 100 industry expert speakers discussing the real-world business problems and opportunities that Lydion-based solutions have targeted.

About the Lydion Research Alliance:

The Lydion Research Alliance is a consortium of scientists, engineers, economists, technologists, artists, and futurists dedicated to the advancement of the scientific field of Data Economics and the commercialization of Data Economic technologies.

About The Data Economics Company and the Lydion Engine:

The Data Economics Company (DECO) has developed the Lydion® Engine, the Operating System for Web3. The Lydion Engine powers decentralized applications to solve complex, large-scale problems and generate new revenue streams for people and companies by converting their data into valuable digital assets—structured as NFTs—that can be monetized, shared, and transacted using secure, private Lydion Data Vaults and Networks (DENETs) without requiring underlying cryptocurrencies. DECO’s mission is to pioneer and propagate the field of Data Economics by leading scientific research in the field of Data Economics, building a toolset to enable a wide array of distributed applications via the Lydion Engine, and creating a global ecosystem of partners to advance Data Economics as an applied science. More information about DECO and the Lydion DEOS can be found at lydion.com.

About the Lydion DEOS :

The Lydion® Data Economics Operating System is the Operating System for Web3.

The Lydion® DEOS is a middleware engine used to develop distributed,decentralized applications and application platforms. By capturing energy spent in completing real-world work, The Lydion® DEOS mints digital assets called Lydions that can be utilized, shared, and transacted using secure, private Lydion Data Vaults and Networks (DENETs).

Current Lydion Engine-based applications target a combined $350B addressable market across the Health Sciences, Agriculture, Climate, Industrials, Fintech, Personal Data, Gaming, and Education sectors.