Companies outside the financial sector are increasingly “embedding” finance into their products and value propositions, challenging the traditional position of banks and leveraging technology to bring finance products to their customers in new ways. Some of the most exciting companies in fintech and technology today are in the business of helping their customers develop financial products and financial instruments that co-exist with their non-finance offerings. Given the power of data economics to unlock financial instruments such as data-backed derivatives, and the possibilities of using data economic operating systems such as the Lydion DEOS to transform data into financial instruments and enable complex transaction and data tracking across distributed sources, what are the larger implications for enabling embedded finance across numerous sectors?

Session Host

Vipin Tyagi, PhD, CEO of VerdeEn Chemicals

Vipin is the CEO and Co-founder of VerdeEn Chemicals, a clean-technology company in the battery recycling space. He is passionate about environment, sustainability and entrepreneurship. He co-founded VerdeEn with a mission to innovate and develop zero-emissions battery recycling solutions. Prior to starting VerdeEn, he worked at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in commodity trading and structuring space in Houston and Singapore, where he developed a keen understanding of the commodity markets and value-chains, especially metals and energy.

Vipin holds a Ph. D. in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University and a B. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Bombay. During his doctoral dissertation, he developed a novel traffic flow model, which is currently utilized as one of the inputs in predicting trip travel times on Texas freeway network. He has also co-authored several peer reviewed journal and conference publications in the mathematical modeling and controls space.

Session Participants

Sandip Nayak, Chief Strategy & AI Officer, Linear Financial Technologies

Sandip Nayak is the Chief Strategy & AI Officer at Linear Financial Technologies, an established fintech startup that delivers best in class credit solutions for small businesses. He is building a resilient small business portfolio using product & data driven innovations while balancing growth, profitability and customer experience for Linear’s partners. Prior to Linear (and Fundation), Sandip held key leadership and management roles in data-driven credit and product roles at Capital One and Citigroup. He has an undergraduate degree from IIT Bombay, and postgraduate studies in Behavioral Economics from George Mason University. Sandip is passionate about creating value for small businesses in the emerging financial technology sector.